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EuroLimas guarantees your privacy 100%!

Protecting your privacy is very important to us. You should not have any doubt that your private information will remain "private". We shall never give the information you trusted us (or part of it) to anybody.  EuroLimas never forwards or resells (email, address, tel number etc.).  We shall never ask our clients for any financial data like Visa cards, bank accounts, etc. You can personally use any common credit card to pay your fair to the driver.

Clients Identity Protection Policy

EuroLimas has a strict privacy and security policy that protects all of your private information at all times. Our drivers are meeting you carrying a logo board of our company. Even your first name will never be exposed on public display. Your personal identity information remains well protected with us.


We are obliged by law to keep all digital information for 5 years. And it is for our eyes only. In case of criminal investigation the relevant authorities may gain access to this information if there is a District Attorney’s subpoena.